The Journey To Bipolar Diagnosis

As a child I remember not being able to control my moods. I would get angry for no apparent reason, I would cry hysterically when I was angry. When in this state I would self harm to try stop the mental pain. I self harmed in secret from an early age, from possibly about 10 years old. Share This:

Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV320 Review

We purchased the Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV320 because both of our vacuums are too heavy for my Mum who has several physical illnesses. We usually have a vacuum on each floor of the house but they are both quite bulky and my Mum is struggling to use them. We decided it was time to invest in a new Vacuum. After hours of looking at them and reading reviews we settled on this Shark one. We chose it due to the Ultra Light style. Share This:

Nandos Wakefield – Review

Myself, my best friend and her one year old daughter ‘A’ went to Nandos Wakefield on the 3rd May 2017 for a meal. When we arrived they were quick to approach us with a smile on their face. They gave us a choice of seats as the restaurant wasn’t very busy. Share This:

A year on Venlafaxine

I have been taking Venlafaxine for a year now, I thought this would be a good time to discuss how I have been on them. I was prescribed these for both depressive episodes and anxiety. I started off on 75mg a day and was increased to 225mg a day. I was taking 75mg on a morning and 150mg on a night. These didn’t really work at first, I was still having depressive episodes but when I was increased to 225mg a day they worked like a dream for my depressive episodes and worked relatively well for my anxiety. Share This:

My dogs last goodbye

I woke up on Tuesday morning and I wasn’t feeling too good. My mum made me my breakfast at 6am but I just couldn’t stomach it. My mum tried feeding me alone from the other dogs and that wasn’t the issue I just couldn’t eat. I didn’t feel well enough to eat. My mum put my breakfast in the fridge and went back to bed. I lay in the kitchen with my other doggy friends. They kept me company, they knew. Share This:

Kimberleys experience with CBT

I’ve recently re-started CBT. I’m not a newbie at this. It’s the third time I’ve been through this process. Having gone through the process before I’ve had a real learning curve about what to expect and how to best use the time with the therapist I think the first time I didn’t know what to expect, so just went along with what the therapist was telling me. I didn’t spend the time outside of the sessions working on what she’d told me. The second stint was better, but I really only dealt with the surface issues and the things that were bothering me at that exact time. And you need to probe below the surface to get the best results. Share This:

Mental Health – Jamies Story

December 2015, i was stood on a bridge ready to jump, I had decided that was my day to die. Instead of jumping I decided I was going to become an actor. January 2016, i walked into The Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough with apprehension and a little bit of fear. I was looking for Bill Rodgers, i had previously had a long telephone conversation with Bill. Bill runs a theatre company for people who either suffer with, have suffered with, care for someone or anyone connected to mental health. Share This:

Mental Health – Harrys Story

I woke up early. I had my coffee in the kitchen. I showered and dressed myself without outside encouragement. I left the house and took the bus alone. I went about my day, had lunch in Costa, met friends and came home. Enjoyed dinner with my family. I sat in the lounge and enjoyed some television before going to bed and falling asleep soon after. Today was a good day. I was able to take part in life. Share This: