Stop breeding your pets!

Seriously. Stop breeding your pets. I don’t care why you are doing it. Whether it’s for the money or because you think your pet will be a good mum. Honestly, I just don’t care. Stop it, like now. I am fed up of seeing animals in shelters needing homes that aren’t available. It is mainly dogs I see needing rehoming but cats and horses aren’t far behind either. There are also smaller animals in need of new homes such as rabbits, hamsters, rats etc. I could literally go on forever.

Why on earth in the 21st century is it acceptable to kill an animal because nobody can give it a home and there’s no space in the shelters and kennels. Don’t get me wrong I totally understand why they have to do this but I don’t understand why it has got to this stage and nothing is being done about it.

Yes there are some amazing charities providing shelter and food for the animals as well as medical help but is that enough? Is it acceptable for a dog to live in a kennel alone? Is it acceptable for a cat to be locked indoors when it is used to roaming outdoors? No, it isn’t. It’s far from acceptable. What makes this tragic situation even worse is seeing posts on my Facebook feed saying a dog will be put to sleep in 7 days if it doesn’t get rehomed. Excuse me. What? Why does a dog have to lose its life because of what humans do.

I own dogs aswell as a budgie and a horse. I am a massive animal lover. I would rehome every single animal that needs a home if I had the space and money. Seeing that an animal is about to be put to sleep because nobody wants it breaks my heart. I actually feel guilty and responsible that I can’t save it. There are so many animals from tiny hamsters to huge horses that need new homes so why are we breeding more? It puzzles me, it really does.

There needs to be some type of monitoring on breeding pets. So that there are enough of each breed and none go extinct but also to prevent people breeding for selfish reasons like the money from selling them, or because puppies and kittens are “cute”. They need to be bred so that all the animals have homes. Preventing shelters and kennels being filled with unwanted pets.


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12 thoughts on “Stop breeding your pets!

  1. Yes there are a lot without homes but even more that do have loving homes. I totally see your basis for opinion and agree that monitoring is necessary to help lower the number of unwanted dogs, but it’s going to be very hard to control.

    1. Oh most definitely. So many people own a dog or several dogs like myself. I don’t think it will ever be controlled to be honest, I just really wish it was. I understand animals in kennels don’t have all the background info like buying from a breeder does. For example KC registered, parents health history etc so I do understand not buying from kennels x

    1. It does doesn’t it. I understand situations happen and animals have to be given away but there are even puppies in shelters etc because they breed them or “accidentally” let them get pregnant and there aren’t enough people to have the dogs x

    1. Awful isn’t it. I’ve got a budgie that wasn’t wanted. She’d bought a new kitten and kitten tried getting it constantly so she gave budgie up 🙁 x

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