Nandos Wakefield – Review

Myself, my best friend and her one year old daughter ‘A’ went to Nandos Wakefield on the 3rd May 2017 for a meal. When we arrived they were quick to approach us with a smile on their face. They gave us a choice of seats as the restaurant wasn’t very busy. We stated we weren’t bothered where we were sat, so they chose us a spacious table for the high chair to fit. We sat down and had a look at the menu, we both ordered our food separately so the other person could stay sat with ‘A’.

Our food took 6 minutes to arrive from ordering and despite ordering separately it arrived at the same time which was a bonus. They asked if there was anything else we wanted but we politely declined. We were very pleased with how quick the food came. Our food was hot and presented nicely. Our orders were correct. During the meal we were asked if everything was ok and if we wanted anything else, which we stated everything was fine and we declined anything else. The meal was satisfying as usual. The amount is always perfect for myself and having an unlimited drink is literally amazing when eating spicy food. The restaurant was clean and tidy, the staff were well presented and polite throughout our visit.

The highlight of our visit was little ‘A’. She took a shine to who I assumed to be staff members who were not on shift sat at the table next to us. As much as we tried to get her attention she kept staring and talking at them. It was a delight to see them respond to her and engage in conversation. It made the whole situation a lot less stressful as we couldn’t prevent her from giving them this attention.

Overall this was a really good visit to Nandos Wakefield and the staff members went above and beyond to give us a happy and straight forward visit. We will definitely be visiting again in the near future.

Do you love Nandos as much as I do?

Jenna Von x

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