Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV320 Review

We purchased the Shark Rocket Ultra Light HV320 because both of our vacuums are too heavy for my Mum who has several physical illnesses. We usually have a vacuum on each floor of the house but they are both quite bulky and my Mum is struggling to use them. We decided it was time to invest in a new Vacuum. After hours of looking at them and reading reviews we settled on this Shark one. We chose it due to the Ultra Light style.

We chose same day delivery on this item from Argos as we couldn’t wait much longer to test it out. When it arrived we opened the box straight away and set up the Vacuum to test it. The Vacuum was extremely easy to set up, I didn’t even need to read the instructions which is great. The vacuum came with several different attachments which is always good to use on different furniture in the house. The plug cord is super long and will easily reach up the stairs and through longer sized rooms. It even turns to handheld for furniture, stairs and curtains.

We tested this product in our living room and we were so shocked with the results. Fortunately this was a positive shocked. We had already vacuumed our living room this morning with our Dyson but the dog hairs and dust it picked up was embarrassingly amazing. Honestly the vacuum is half full from one use around the living room. I am embarrassed to say that but it shows just how amazing this vacuum is. There is dust that you can’t see hiding in the carpets that this vacuum picks up.

If anyone is looking for a new vacuum, I would totally recommend this. It’s sleek design is amazing. It’s lightweight and easy to use even for people who struggle with vacuuming. The cord length, amount of accessories and handheld choice are all perfect.

What vacuum are you currently using?

Jenna Von x

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