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My name is Jenna Von, I started this blog in February 2015 after suffering alone with Depression and Anxiety, to talk about my Mental Health issues and Chronic Illnesses. Also to connect with other people who want to talk about theirs. My blog is a great place for individuals who suffer from mental and physical conditions to ask advice or simply confide in me, student Psychologists/Psychiatrists who want a real life insight in to the life of someone with mental health conditions or people who are looking for information and advice on the multiple conditions that I am diagnosed with.

I am 23 years old and from Yorkshire, UK. I am diagnosed with Endometrios, Social Anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hypermobility Syndrome and I either have a mood disorder or personality disorder. My Psychiatrist hasn’t quite decided yet. I blog about all of these. I absolutely love animals which shows by the fact I have 4 dogs, 1 budgie and 1 horse. I have loved photography ever since I can remember but I am nowhere near a professional.

You can find me as @jenvonabb on Twitter and Instagram if you want to connect with me or just see photos of my pets on Insta and see me complain on Twitter. If you want to chat about something on a personal level you can do it privately through my contact form.

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for being so open about your experiences with anxiety, cyclothymia, and chronic physical health conditions! So important to help reduce the stigma!

    I would encourage you to check out Quartet’s Patient Advisory Committee, it’s a cool opportunity for people who are open to sharing their experiences with chronic physical and behavioral health conditions to make an impact: http://www.quartethealth.com/patients

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